word drift

a collection of musings and snippets from my life



goodbye twenty seventeen

So here we are, on the first day of 2018. My last days of 2017 were both hectic and lazy, loud and fuzzy, so this is my first opportunity to sit down and reflect on the past year. It feels almost surreal that a new year is already upon us....


coming home

I’m writing this on the train, as I head north towards home for the holidays. I’ve made this journey many a time since starting university but there’s always something that makes me stop what I am doing and stare out of the window. Sometimes it’s the view as we pull...


change: looking ahead

Change has always aroused a sort of anxiety in me, the type that makes me want to flee in retreat to my comfort zone. It’s something that often feels terrifying and unpredictable, unyielding in its capacity to force relinquishing of control and pull you along its turbulent path. Change is...

hong kong sai kung

how i want to live in 2017

Today was my first day of semester 2 at vet school and tonight I’m taking the opportunity to rewind. Lights dimmed, music on and a cup of tea by my side as I look to the year ahead. My last couple weeks of 2016 were blissfully spent with loved ones. ...