word drift

a collection of musings and snippets from my life

Who am I?

A girl of many words, fragments in my mind waiting to be strung together and brought to life.

Led by my heart, fuelled by tea and passion, driven by hopes and dreams and determination.

I exist in my own mind a lot, lost in thought, detached.  My mind never stops, drifting here and there, pulling me along.  A gift and a curse.

I’m trying to find joy and meaning, to live a purposeful life with minimal regrets.  I want balance in everything I feel and do, to swing less from one extremity to another.  To learn how to be both: strong and delicate, soft and loud, grounded and head in the clouds, British and Chinese, and the list goes on.

I crave connection, the deep authentic kind that lights up my eyes and my soul.  I adore conversations that last for hours – especially the ones that go on beyond midnight, the clicking of minds that makes me too awake and alive to notice the time.

I want to be unashamedly and unapologetically my truest self, no pretence or hiding behind a veneer.  Life is too short to be afraid of being completely myself.  It’s also okay to open up when the right people come along, it’s not as scary as I think.

I am still growing – do we ever really stop? – I have much to learn and understand about myself, the nature of humanity and the world around me.  The knowledge that I will never fully grasp the universe makes me feel at once small and infinite.

I am only human and I have faults and make mistakes and sometimes hurt the people I love.  But there is progress, and little by little, change should come.  We are always capable of change if we put our hearts to it.

What is word drift?

An outlet for my musings, my thoughts, my opinions.  My own personal online journal – a collection of reflections, experiences and snippets from my life.  Somewhere to share stories and find connection and meaning in this vast world.  A place for my voice to be heard.

In short

I’m 21 years old, a veterinary student intercalating in Literature and Medicine, trying to juggle my degree and get enough sleep, Scottish but with an accent some people can’t seem to place, also fluent in Cantonese with limited Mandarin, INFP, former YA book blogger, I enjoy being with a close group of friends and equally relish being on my own curled up with a good book.

An About page doesn’t quite seem to capture the entire essence of my being, serving only as a snapshot of the different layers that make up who I am.  The posts I write are the best way to find out more about me.